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AlphaOmegaMath Learning Axes

Math Formulas

Learning Axis 1: Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
Recall - Conceptualise - Think Learning System

Applying the DOK, our Math Specialists are in recognition of a learner’s level of understanding. It provides a framework of reference along with the needed math vocabulary to understand how the learner thinks or analyses the mathematical content. 

With over a decade worth of experience in curriculum development, our Math specialists have painstaking put in many hours to specially curate and tailor the resources to suit our differentiated learners' needs. The questions are structured in 4 levels of difficulty (1,2,3 and 4) according to the DOK levels so that all children can learn at their own pace.


Learning Axis 2:
Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) Teaching System

The CPA learning system uses both physical and visual aids to build a learner’s understanding of abstract topics. CPA is highly effective in developing a deep and sustainable understanding of mathematical concepts and skills. 

Numbered Stones

Our Centre complements the CPA teaching system with the use of IT tools and
research-based teaching manipulatives. 

Student Learning Mathematics

Learning Axis 3: Bloom's Taxonomy
Hierarchy of Learning Orders

Our Centre applies the Bloom's taxonomy, a set of three hierarchical levels, which allows us to classify mathematics learning objectives into varied levels of complexity and specificity that cover the mathematics learning objectives in cognitive, affective and sensory domains. Our Math specialists link the interaction between the content required for a mathematical tasks and the relevant cognitive processes associated with mathematics learning in class.

Learning Axis 4: Practical Real world Problem-Solving Skills

In AlphaOmegamath, our learning trajectories are enablers which allow our students to draw mathematical connections to the real world. This enhances their higher order thinking and metacognition in solving relevant daily problems.

Math Class
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