Our Students' results

2022 End of Year Results

Consistent A1

B4 to A1

C5 to A2

Tough paper but you did it!

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U to A1

B4 to A2

Consistency is key

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E8 to A1

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2022 Weighted Assessment 3 Results

Results for Semester 1 2022

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National Exam Results



Hear what some of our parents have to say!


Janice Loo, Mother

"My son is able to grasp concepts clearly. The tutor bonds well with my son."

"The tutor is a patient teacher and my son could grasp the concepts clearly with Mr Yeo's explanation. My son is making progress in his Sec 2 syllabus and Mr Yeo is preparing him ahead of Sec 2 next year. He is an excellent tutor who tries to bond with my son to improve the teacher-student relationship."

Mrs Chan, Mother

"Sacrifices personal time and accommodates our requests for help."

"The tutor is a caring and helpful teacher who ensures that my daughter understands every topic thoroughly before moving on to another.

He patiently teaches her practical and effective methods to apply to problems, which helps her gain confidence in math and performs consistently well in school. He is willing to sacrifice his personal time and accommodates our requests for help. He has a vast knowledge of math and science."

Mr Thomas Kok, Parent of O Level student

"The only regret is not engaging him earlier."

“I have engage the tutor's service to coach my daughter in both her Additional as well as her Elementary Mathematics this year from the month of June. My daughter was preparing for her "O" Levels. My only regret is not having engaged him earlier. As a tutor, he is competent in the subject. He cares, empathized and is genuinely concerned about the well-being of my daughter on how she was coping her workload. He encouraged and motivated my daughter to do well in both subjects. As a professional, he was respectful and was always punctual. I would strongly recommend without any reservation to any parent/student looking for a competent tutor who is good in the subjects and who cares and motivates.”

Vivien Tan, Mother

"Ensures that my child has a firm understanding before moving on to the next question."

“A patient teacher and when my child encountered difficulties in understanding a concept, he tried to use different approaches and is very patient when repeating his explanation . He also ensures that my child has a firm understanding before moving on to the next question.”

Mr Tan, Father

"A very understanding tutor who goes out of his way to help my son."

“The tutor is extremely patient with my son and explains the Maths concepts well. A very understanding tutor who goes out of his way to help my son who is weak in Maths.”

From our parents after receiving O level results:

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Hear what our students say about us!

Janice, Ex-student

Surprisingly good results for O levels

"I've been in tuition for my O's in 2015. He has always been patient with me even though i am a slow learner. He tutored me for my E Maths and Science(Physics). Under his coaching, i can better understand the concepts for Science(Physics) which i usually did badly and improved. I used to score C5 or C6 for my combined science, but was shocked to see that i got a B3 for combined science during my O'levels. My E Maths results also remained consistent and got A2 for my O'levels. He really put in a lot of effort into teaching his students, making sure that we understand. Thank you Alpha Omega!"

Kenneth Chua (Constant A1 student)

Constantly upgrade my Mathematics skills

“I have been having tuition for 2 years, and the tutor always has an array of challenging questions every time we have tuition so as to constantly upgrade my Mathematics and Additional Mathematics skills. Now, I am a constant A1 Student in Math and also would like to pursue my career as a Mathematics Teacher. Thank you Alpha Omega!”

Alyssa Kok, Ex-student

Failing Math, but made significant improvement for O levels

The tutor started teaching me around July 2015 in the midst of preparing for my O levels. throughout secondary 3 and 4, i was scoring an F9 in Additional Mathematics and sometimes for E.Math as well. i did not understand the concepts at all. However, when he started tutoring me, i slowly started to get a grasp of many topics as he was patient and used many interesting ways to teach me the concepts. Although i didn't do very well for my prelims, he didn't give up on me and continued to push me forward. Eventually, i scored an A2 in E Math and B3 for A Math in my O's. thank you AO!!!! i couldn't have done it without you.

Shafen, Ex Student

F9 to B4 in 2 weeks

"The tutor is really a good teacher. He really helped me a lot in my math and got me an A1 for e math. He really pushed me hard for A math and I managed to push up my grade from F9 to B4 in 2 weeks. He is really a hardworking and good teacher."

Rui Yu, Ex-student

Most improved student in class
for math

“The tutor have been teaching me since late 2012. Having tuition with him have been beneficial as he provides sufficient worksheets to practice and endless patience and efforts teaching and explaining to me the topics I do not understand. I also got recognised by my E-math teacher for being the most improved student in Maths as from the beginning I was only able to get a pass.”

Joelin, Ex-student

From failing math to highest in class with an overall percentage of 87%